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Feel in the Blank podcast started in August of 2022 when Iyanna and Kayla decided they wanted to share their insightful conversations with others. Since then, they have been able to create a community for people to feel, heal, and navigate life together through sharing their personal stories of highs and lows. 


After starring on Season 2 of the hit Netflix show, Love Is Blind, Iyanna McNeely is now excited to show her followers her life journey as it continues to unfold. Originally a southern gal, Iyanna lived a nomadic life for around 5 years before settling down in Chicago, where she now resides. She puts emphasis on authenticity in her content, showing life's highs and lows, and moments of growth in a relatable, healthy way.


Kayla is a Chicago native with an undergraduate background in PR & Broadcast Journalism and a Master's in Counseling. Her passion for sharing her story began in undergrad with her on campus talk show, "What's Happenin'?". Since then Kayla developed her own YouTube talk show and has now taken this passion to FITB. She is also devoted to guiding youth on their road to self discovery in the counseling field. Through her love of these two fields, Kayla is a story teller driven by authenticity hoping to make people feel seen and heard.

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