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Features & Collabs


Wolf and Badger Article Feature

Iyanna and Kayla were interviewed by Wolf and Badger to share the birth of FITB podcast and how the podcast has managed to build community through authenticity.

Taken by: @ajahlexiproductions

WNDR After Dark Live Show

FITB curated their first live show at WNDR Museum in Chicago at the WNDR After Dark event. Listeners of the podcast gathered to hear Iyanna and Kayla share their thoughts on love versus lust and participated in a meet and greet after the show.


Relationsh*t with Kamie Crawford

Iyanna and Kayla were guests for the first time on Kamie Crawford's Relationshit podcast. They spoke about a defining moment in their friendship when they were in different spaces, but learned how they can still be there for one another and make space for each other's emotions. 

Auntie Nae on FTIB

Iyanna and Kayla welcomed Janae Sims, or better known as Auntie Nae, on FITB podcast. Nae opened up about her experience with coming out to her family and the journey to acceptance and finding connection with God.

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